CMMS Software

Introduction to CMMS

Introduction of CMMS Software

Do you want to maintain your assets properly but don’t know how? If you are looking for effective ways of handling your assets portfolio this article is meant for you.

Time has changed and the out-dated paper and pencil method to maintain the logbook has expired long ago. Are you still following the same pattern? You need to get yourself updated as well because CMMS is the future now.

Keep on reading to get your answers about CMMS software…

Computerized maintenance management system commonly abbreviated as CMMS software is used to keep a record of maintenance of company actions, its assets portfolio, and accounts.

We all know that tracking the business activities …

… on regular basis is the key to stay updated about the running conditions of your business. But can you do this tracking properly if you opt for the manual process?? The answer is a big NO!!

Before the development of CMMS software, this job was done by many technicians and it was not only tedious to keep a record of all the maintenance activities but hard to manage as well. There was always a loophole for malfunction. The introduction of CMMS into the market has made this wearisome job very easy and efficient.

CMMS software is now a part of almost every industry …

… ranging from manufacturers, schools, hospitals, and restaurants. To keep a track of assets availability, their running conditions, expiry, and inventory is a must to avoid any chaos at the time of need. CMMS software proactively manages all this information which helps you to prevent accidental situations.

What CMMS can do other than maintenance of your assets?? It helps you to stay aware of all the conditions of inventory and depreciation so that you can well estimate when to buy a new asset and when to replace running machinery with a new one. CMMS software has not only eased the job of technicians and record keepers but it has efficiently reduced the operational cost of the business.

If we just take an overall idea of CMMS features, it includes:

• Creating work orders
• Managing assets and portfolio
• Preventive and predictive maintenance
• Scanning through QR codes
• Tracking the history of assets
• Ease to manage the operational affairs through the mobile app
• Boosts asset turnover
• Reduce costs

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