Pricing Policy of JoBase:

JoBase is a highly professional platform to keep track of your assets portfolio. JoBase has just launched its app and therefore in the initial stages, it is free for its users.
JoBase has pledged not to take any advantage from its users as long as it is in the stabilization stage.
That’s why in the beta phase until JoBase is fully mature you can enjoy the services for free. Besides, offering you free services JoBase looks forward to your valuable insights.
You can sign up for free and before you have to pay any charges, JoBase wants to make sure that all its clients are satisfied with the services. In addition, the clients who have become a part of our team in the Beta phase will get discounted rates for the later stages as well.
JoBase team is doing its best to provide you with high-class services, and in return, we just need support from our clients to cooperate with us if they find any discomfort or dysfunction. Because client satisfaction is our top priority which we never want to bring on stake.